EZ-Ticket.com provides SOLD OUT sports tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets and Broadway tickets.

EZ-Ticket.com is owned and operated by MJ Consulting Services, which launched EZ-Ticket.com as an online ticket broker in September 2004 to help customers purchase and download sold out tickets for sporting events, concerts, theatre performances, and more from their device. EZ-Ticket.com’s user-friendly mobile ticketing application consistently maintains a database of approximately 6 million tickets to over 80,000 events.

The Techie Stuff

EZ-Ticket’s mobile ticketing application consists of the Mobile Ticketing Platform(MTP) and the Mobile Ticketing Manager. MTP is the server component for generating and sending tickets as SMS, MMS, WAP Push, email and via the Web (includes a 2D barcode  such as QRcode, Aztec & Datamatrix for mobile devices). MTP handles both the customer list and response processing, per the relevant rules of engagement. The system components use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through web service to allow third party ticket systems to link with our ticketing server.

About Ticket Brokering

The ticket brokering business often gets a bad rap. Many people believe that ticket brokering is a business wherein the ticket broker hoards tickets, inflates pricing, and makes a huge profit. This isn’t the case. In reality, ticket brokers purchase tickets in advance with the hope that they will sell at a profit, which isn’t a guarantee. Often, we sell at a loss and get stuck with unsold tickets. That’s life. So how do we stay in the black? It’s a mixture of devoting effort and time while leaning on experience and luck. We also treat our customers right. Choose ticket brokers (like us!) that are members of the Better Business Bureau, the Better Ticketing Association, and/or the National Association of Ticket Brokers.

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